The Magic of Pujol

Mexico City is quickly becoming one of the premier dining destinations for those who travel to eat (read: me). Over a long holiday weekend in the US, I, along with my brother, contributor Jonathan Plaza, and his wife Jessica, traveled to Mexico City (CDMX) to eat. One of our must-eat places was Pujol, the flagship restaurant of arguably one of Mexico's most famous chefs, Enrique Olivera (also of Cosme in NYC). Pujol offers two meals: the Taco Omakase tasting menu and a more traditional tasting menu in the restaurant. The restaurant does 4 seats a day of the Omakase, and 3 of the traditional tasting. I started checking the Pujol website month's before our trip and the weekend we were in town was long-booked, but I was lucky to find a Saturday afternoon open for the Taco Omakase after weeks of consistently checking.

Pujol.  Photograph by Jonathan Plaza

Pujol. Photograph by Jonathan Plaza

The Taco Omakase is exactly as it sounds: a multi-course taco menu presented in the style of a Japanese tasting menu. This tasting menu is served at the bar and is different and more casual than the tasting menu featured elsewhere in the restaurant. The bar staff was informed and engaging (and funny!), and it made for a truly incredible experience. They billed the Omakase as a 9 course meal, but it's way more than that. Snacks, tacos, desserts, and alcohol pairings for each course meant we left very full and happy. Since this site is not in the business of writing restaurant reviews, this is not that. It is more a showcase of the incredible 9+ course meal we had, as told through drool-worthy photographs. 

Our meal was also paired with beverages. From a margarita, to wine, to mezcal, we had it all.

The meal started with 2 appetizer courses. The first course was a trio of "street snacks" and the second was a single, triangular-shaped snack.

We then had so many tacos.

We finally made it to dessert, even though we're stuffed.

Bonus: we got to peep in their beautiful kitchen!

The bar.  Photograph by Jonathan Plaza.

The bar. Photograph by Jonathan Plaza.


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