Noodletown USA

In many large cities, Chinatown is a central hub of culture, grocery stores that cater to Asian cuisines, and so many delicious restaurants. In early December, I had the (unfortunate) luck of being selected to serve on a two week trial. Whether you find that exciting or not, the New York City court system is located a stone's throw from New York's Chinatown. I don't find serving on a jury particularly thrilling, but we do find the prospect of being in close proximity to Chinatown very exciting.

The first day of Trial was on Thursday, December 1, and I took the opportunity to try someplace new each day we were in court (which was a lot of days). Noodletown is obviously a misnomer when it comes to describing any Chinatown. There are certainly hundreds of noodle establishments, but there's also places for dim sum, báhn mì sandwiches, and delightfully inexpensive dumpling joints. I attempted to try them all, but this is definitely not an exhaustive list. Hopefully I'll get jury duty again! (Just kidding, that would be terrible).

Day 1 | Spicy Pork Noodles at Xi'an Famous Foods


Day 2 | Beef Pho at Pho Bang


Day 3 | Dim Sum for One at Nom Wah Nolita


Day 4 | Hot Soba Noodles and Salmon at Sunrise Mart


Day 5 | Bánh Mì at Sau Voi


Day 6 | Pad See Ew at Lan Larb Soho


Day 7 | Chicken Lo Mein at Great New York Noodletown


Day 8 | Pork Katsu Don and Salmon at Sunrise Mart


If you're ever on jury duty, be sure to pick one of these now-vetted restaurants for your lunch breaks.


Brianna is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Hook & Blade. She is based out of New York City where she enjoys exploring the city, trying new foods, and people watching. She works as the Global Email Marketing Manager at Global Citizen, and tries to travel as much as she can.